What You Can Do!

Want to help?  Here are some actions that will help protect Wildwood.

DONATE TODAY to Keep Wildwood Public!
The community will do all we can to ensure that the legacy of Wildwood ecoforest is protected in the hands of a charitable organization. TLC is taking this to court on Nov.14 and 15th, to ask the judge to override Society bylaws that keep Wildwood protected, and allow their sale of Wildwood to a private buyer.

Please donate today for the fight to save Wildwood.
Click here to be redirected to the donation page of the Ecoforestry Institute Society.

The Ecoforestry Institute Society (EIS) has been managing the ecoforestry and educational programs at Wildwood for the past 14 years. They currently have an offer of $700,000 on the table to purchase Wildwood and have place it in a not-for-profit charitable trust with a protective covenant.

Tax-deductible donations can be made to the Ecoforestry Institute Society.  To make a donation, call Sharon at 250-595-0655 or visit their website www.ecoforestry.ca.  You can also email them at ecoforestry@gmail.com.

Last Stand for Wildwood

Spread the Word – Please share our updates with your networks.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/savewildwood
Twitter: www.twitter.com/savewildwood

Please share our posts through your Social Media accounts. Also take the time to write a personal letter to TLC. Letters to the editor of your local paper will help raise awareness and get more people involved. You can get involved as a volunteer by contacting the Wildwood Protectors at savewildwood@gmail.com

Sign the Petition
Our online petition has generated more than 1,800 signatures.  Help us reach 2,000 by signing and sharing with your contacts!  https://www.change.org/p/save-wildwood-ecoforest-don-t-let-it-be-sold