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URGENT NEWS!  Wildwood at Immediate Risk
July 23, 2016 – The Land Conservancy announces sale of Wildwood to Private Interests

July 25, 2016 – The Ecoforestry Institute Society responds to the Privatization of Wildwood

Ecoforestry Institute Society Answers Questions about their Sale Offers for Wildwood

Merv Wilkinson’s Niece Sheila Maxwell Speaks Out in Letters to TLC

Aug 11, 2015 – Wildwood Donors Want their Donations Back!

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Links to Further Information:
The Land Conservancy of British Columbia website and facebook page

Ecoforestry Institute Society website and Wildwood Ecoforest facebook page.
Info About Wildwood on TLC’s Website

The History of Wildwood

Ecoforestry Institute Management Plan for Wildwood 2000

TLC Plan of Compromise and Arrangement (which states Wildwood will be sold section 4.10 page 13)

CBC Interview “Selling Wildwood” Tues Nov. 5, 2013 (scroll down to that date)

The Land Conservancy Sees Bright Future for Wildwood – Nanaimo Daily News 2015

Call to Action to Protect Wildwood – Press release from EIS  Feb 2015

Press release from TLC March 11, 2015

Wilkinson legacy to be preserved at Wildwood – Nanaimo Daily News, John Shields March 12,2015

Wildwood Property Offer Not Accepted by TLC – April 14, 2015

EIS Offers TLC $600,000 for Wildwood – Times Colonist Newspaper Article April 8, 2015

Effort on to Block Sale of Wildwood Ecoforest – Nanaimo March 3, 2015

Group Aims to Prevent Sale of Wildwood – Nanaimo Daily News April 25, 2015

Briony Penn (TLC) and Barry Gates (EIS) May 26, 2015

EIS and Wildwood Protectors Urge TLC Members to Support Revisions to Bylaw Motions June 3, 2015

TLC Holding Extraordinary Meeting June 12 – Nanaimo Daily News June 4, 2015

Talks Continue on Future of Widlwood – Times Colist June 10, 2015

CBC Radio Interview with Jessica Wolf, spokesperson for Wildwood Protectors citizens group – Possible Sale of Wildwood Worries Supporters -June 11, 2015

CBC Radio Interview with John Shields “The Future of Wildwood and other TLC Properties” June 12, 2015

“TLC Members Vote Not to Sell Wildwood” CBC Radio Interview with John Shields, TLC Director of Operations Wed June 15, 2015

Wildwood Protectors News Release – TLC Members Vote Down Bylaw Amendment That Put Wildwood at Risk, June 16, 2015

Ecoforestry Institute Society News Release June 18, 2015 – EIS Applauds TLC Members for Protecting Wildwood

Land Conservancy Plan to Divest Eco-properties Hits Voting Snag – Times Colonist June 16, 2015

Protecting Wildwood Ecoforest

Proposed Bylaw Amendment Fails at TLC Meeting – TLC News Release June 17, 2015

Ecoforestry Institute Society News Release June 22, 2015 – The Truth About Wildwood and TLC’s June 12 Meeting

Opponents Block Wildwood Move – Nanaimo News Bulletin June 23, 2015

Wildwood Protectors Letter to TLC Board June 23, 2015

TLC Notice to Members July 8, 2015 (Unfairly characterizing TLC members who support Wildwood as “not caring about TLC)

Renowned Forest Changes Hands – Times Colonist Nov.21 2015

The Land Conservancy Signs Sales Agreement with Ecoforestry Institute Society Nov 2015


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