Donate by Nov.6 & Your Donation Triples to Purchase and Protect Wildwood

DONATE to the acquisition fund!  A generous donor has stepped forward to double-match donations up to $50,000. For every $1 you give by Nov.6th, our donor will give $2 for a total of $3! That could give the Ecoforestry Institute Society $150,000 towards our Wildwood purchase offer!SPECIAL INCENTIVE: A SINGLE $50K DONATION OVER AND ABOVE THE ORIGINAL $50K WILL BE MATCHED DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR RESULTING IN ANOTHER $100,000 FOR WILDWOOD!

Deadline is midnight November 6th!

To make a tax deductible donation online go to   If you have any difficulty with the transaction, please contact Kathy Code at  250 418-5313 or email

Cheques should be made out to Ecoforestry Institute Society and mailed to
PO Box 5070 Stn B, Victoria, BC V8R 6N3.

Click here to be redirected to the donation page of the Ecoforestry Institute Society.


We welcome any questions you might have about Wildwood and the current situation. Here are questions received so far, along with answers. Please keep the questions coming. We want people to be absolutely comfortable with the work and intentions of the Ecoforestry Institute Society. We are a volunteer group and committed to working on your behalf.

  1. For the Triple Donation Campaign, where is my money going?

Every cent of these funds will go to our purchase offer for Wildwood to be presented to the Court on November 14, 15 and 16. We have been approved for a $450,000 mortgage by VanCity and we would like to increase the cash portion to strengthen the offer.

We have already raised the $40,000 for the legal challenge, so
none of the funds raised during this campaign will be used for legal fees.

2.Can I get my money back if EIS does not acquire Wildwood?

Yes, absolutely! We will return every cent donated through the Triple Donation Campaign if we fail to acquire Wildwood. For that reason, we will not be issuing tax receipts until we have Wildwood in hand.

3.  Is it true that EIS backed out of two agreements?

EIS has worked very hard for three years to acquire the funds to buy Wildwood, despite obstacles being set forth by, rather than collaboration from, TLC.

Our first purchase proposal of $600,000 was completely ignored by the TLC Board, as they were determined to sell to a private buyer.  Only in response to the public outcry and pressure from TLC members, did the TLC board start negotiating with EIS.

It is an inaccurate portrayal for TLC to claim EIS backed out of two agreements.   There have been challenges, but we have persevered in the best interest of Wildwood.

In July 2015, EIS offered $900,000 to TLC. TLC initially refused, then came back with terms they must have known we would reject on behalf of Wildwood and the public. We managed to negotiate a better deal, but TLC did not sign until November. Days before our December court date, two significant donors fell through much to our great frustration.

Years back, when TLC was fundraising themselves to purchase Wildwood, key donors backed out twice,  causing TLC challenges.  This time EIS is in the position of rapidly fundraising to purchase.  TLC knows how hard that can be, when dependent on donors, yet they are choosing to vilify, rather than support, EIS.

The next two proposals EIS made to TLC had ‘subject to’s’ attached to them which couldn’t be met in the timelines agreed to. The first was financial, the second was placing the trust deed ahead of the mortgage. The trust was opposed by TLC but we persevered on this as it would afford Wildwood the greater level of protection.  EIS did not walk away from these, we simply worked until we had a viable agreement.

The fourth agreement was not completed because TLC would not allow the trust deed to rank ahead of their vendor take back mortgage, until the last minute.  Due to that 3rd parties opposed the deal at the last minute, and the April 26 court date was cancelled, by mutual agreement.

That deal was due to expire on May 20, and our lawyer asked TLC to extend the closing, but TLC did not respond, allowing it to lapse.

When TLC found out that we were not going to renew our offer of $860,000 they were incensed, and said that they therefore would not be able to sell to us, since the price in the plan of arrangement was $860,000.

Despite that, we then made our most recent proposal for $700,000, the TLC board voted instead to accept Mr. Randen’s private offer of $725,000.

It should be noted that the private party has taken 3 years to finalize a sale and that this issue is simply a red herring. TLC has seemed to want this private sale right from the start, and has fought EIS every step of the way. In our view TLC cannot legally sell a publicly donated property to a private party. We believe such a sale of Wildwood disrespects Merv Wilkinson and his family, and the donors who trusted TLC with their money.



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