Wildwood Sale against Wilkinson’s Principles – Letter in Times Colonist Oct.26 2016

I left the recent annual general meeting of The Land Conservancy angry and shocked at the stance that the board of directors are taking on the sale of Wildwood.

For decades, Merv Wilkinson practised sustainable logging of his land. He was in tune with the forest and maintained a balance of livelihood and protection and enhancement of old-growth forest and diversity of species. His model was known and studied worldwide.

This land was entrusted to TLC as inalienable. As TLC struggled with finances, almost $1 million was raised to pay off the Wildwood mortgage. One amazing woman donated more than $200,000 to save this property. It was Wilkinson’s wish to have his practice continue and to have this property available to the public. Ecoforest Institute worked with him and is able to carry on his legacy. Now TLC has decided to sell Wildwood to a private buyer. How can this even be happening? There is a covenant on the property, but I don’t trust that this will protect it.

In the meagre 15 minutes allowed at the meeting for discussion of this item, I heard heartfelt accounts; all implored the board to stop this sale.

I understand it goes to court in November. I suspect 90 per cent of those attending this meeting came because of this issue.

I believed in the TLC enough to become a member. I am disgusted with its actions and can’t help but wonder what kind of backroom deals have been going on.

Lynn Mitchell




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