Voice your Opposition to the Privatization of Wildwood Today!

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July 31, 2016

Dear Supporters of Wildwood Ecoforest

We have some very disturbing news and urgently need you to take action to save Wildwood.

Last week, in spite of broad opposition from the community, The Land Conservancy of BC (TLC) signed a sales agreement which will privatize Wildwood.  TLC’s own bylaws prohibit this sale, and stipulate that inalienable properties like Wildwood must only be transferred to another like-minded charitable organization.  We are shocked and sickened by this news.

The sale agreement is signed, but it’s not a done deal.  TLC must ask Justice Fitzpatrick of the Supreme Court to allow the sale.  Your voice and support is needed now more than ever.

In the words of Merv Wilkinson’s niece Sheila Maxwell;

“I am really disgusted with TLC for purporting to protect “important habitat for plants, animals and natural communities as well as properties with historical, cultural, scientific, scenic or compatible recreational value” then agreeing to sell Wildwood to a private individual.

The many times I was visiting Wildwood, Merv, my uncle, was very clear that he wanted Wildwood to be preserved as a teaching and educational centre, showing how selective logging was the best way to use the trees but maintain the forest for the future. He taught children the importance of preserving the forest for all lifeforms and how a healthy forest is necessary for a healthy world. He trusted the TLC to do as they promised to do just that, NOT sell it to cover TLC’s poor financial investments.”

This is a very critical time to voice your opposition to this sale. Please comment on the news coverage listed below (even if it’s just one sentence long), and send an email to the TLC board of directors.  Copy your feedback to the Wildwood Protectors at savewildwood@gmail.com

Here are some key points:

  • The community donated over a million dollars so that TLC could purchase and protect Wildwood forever, not to be sold later to a private owner.
  • TLC’s own bylaws prevent the sale of Wildwood to a private owner.
  • This sale may also contravene the law under the Charitable Preservation Purposes Act.
  • The Ecoforestry Institute, a charitable society which has been managing Wildwood for over a decade, has an offer on the table of $675,000 which would keep Wildwood protected in the public domain with a strong covenant, management plan and trust deed.
  • TLC sold over 2 dozen other inalienable properties to the Nature Trust of BC and Nature Conservancy of Canada for $1.5 million TOTAL. That is just over $55,000 for each property. Why did TLC attach an asking price of $860,000 for Wildwood and create such a barrier for the community to keep Wildwood protected in the public domain?



  1. TLC facebook page under the post about Wildwood
    https://www.facebook.com/TLC4BC/2.  TLC website under the blog post about Wildwood
    http://blog.conservancy.bc.ca/3.  Nanaimo News Bulletin story (post as comment and/or send as letter to editor)


TLC Board of Directors:

Tom Watson(Co-Chair):  twatson@odlumbrown.com

Frances Pugh (Co-Chair):  francespugh48@yahoo.com

Lori Roter:  lroter@gmail.com

Fred Newhouse:  efred.fn@gmail.com

Mel Lehan:   mel.lehan22@gmail.com

Briony Penn:  penn@saltspring.com

Frances Sloan Sainas:   sainas@shaw.ca

Jennifer Bagelman:   Bagelman@uvic.ca


TLC Staff:

TLC Executive Director Cathy Armstrong:  carmstrong@conservancy.bc.ca

TLC Staff:  admin@conservancy.bc.ca

TLC Staff:  HOAdmin@conservancy.bc.ca


For more background info please visit www.savewildwood.com

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