Wildwood Saved. Donate Today.

Hello Friends of Wildwood

We have great news to celebrate with you. The Land Conservancy of BC has signed an agreement to transfer Wildwood to the Ecoforestry Institute Society for $900,000.

We are delighted that Wildwood will remain in the hands of a not-for-profit charitable society which has an expertise in ecoforestry.

Merv Wilkinson’s Wildwood Ecoforest, located just south of Nanaimo BC, is a world class example of sustainable forestry practices. The Ecoforestry Institute Society has actively managed Wildwood since 2000. They are qualified to continue Merve’s legacy of sustainable forestry practices, while maintaining the ecological integrity of these 32 hectares of endangered coastal Douglas fir forest.

Your support was instrumental in ensuring the continued protection of Wildwood and we thank you from the bottom of our heart!

Over the past year, volunteers moved mountains to raise the funds to purchase Wildwood and keep it protected. Heading into the future, Wildwood will need a strong base of volunteers, members and donors to achieve its’ potential as a world-class educational site.

We welcome your continued involvement.

To make a financial contribution, or sign up as a member, please visit the Ecoforesty Institute Society’s website at www.ecoforestry.ca, or call Kathy Code at 250-418-5313.

Stay tuned for an open house and celebration at Wildwood in the near future.

With gratitude

Jessica Wolf,

On behalf of the Wildwood Protectors


Merv Wilkinson’s Wildwood Ecoforest, located just south of Nanaimo BC, is a world class example of sustainable forestry practices.

For over 60 years, beginning in 1938, Wilkinson harvested timber from Wildwood in a way that maintained a healthy vibrant forest ecosystem.   His pioneering work in forest stewardship showed a viable alternative to clear-cut logging, and has been instrumental in efforts to preserve our forests for future generations.

Wildwood’s 32 hectares of coastal Douglas-fir forest are a significant and representative sample of BC’s endangered coastal Douglas-fir forest. A report by the British Columbia Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks estimates that, due to logging and urban development, less than one-half of one percent (about 1100 hectares), of relatively undisturbed old Douglas-fir forests remain in the low coastal plain of BC. With 800 year old trees, trees of multiple ages and heights, and a diverse forest canopy and understory; Wildwood is a living seed bank and genetic repository for this provincially endangered ecosystem.

As testament to Wilkinson’s forest stewardship practices, the mature forests of Wildwood also sustain a diversity of old-growth dependent fauna, including tree nesting birds such as; the Barred owl, Pileated woodpecker, Bald Eagle, and Great Horned Owl.


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