Group ups effort to buy Wildwood July 25, 2015

Nanaimo Daily News July 25, 2015

A grassroots group has upped the ante in the push to keep Wildwood forest out of private hands. The Ecoforestry Institute Society has offered The Land Conservancy $900,000 to buy Wildwood Ecoforest.

That represents a $300,000 increase from the group’s previous offer, and it’s $30,000 more than a rival offer from an undisclosed third party.

TLC acquired the property from the late Merv Wilkinson in 2000, to preserve it as a demonstration forest to showcase sustainable logging practices.

The Conservancy is responsible for protecting dozens of historic and ecological properties, but faced with $8 million in debt, it recently was given B.C. Supreme Court approval to sell 29 of those properties, conditional on their continued protection. But first, a clause must be stricken from TLC’s bylaws preventing land sales – something members recently voted down, but which the Supreme Court will consider Tuesday. The deadline for acceptance by TLC is Monday at 2 p.m.

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