Donate Now to Protect Wildwood

Donate Now to Protect Wildwood.  Click here to donate.

Wildwood Ecoforest is a rare gem of old and medium growth forest located near Ladysmith, Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  For the past 14 years, it has been managed by the Ecoforestry Institute Society, a non-profit consisting of well-respected ecoforesters, an ethnobotanist and other credentialled professionals.  The Land Conservancy of BC is the current owner, having been entrusted with its care in perpetuity through more than $1 million in public donations.  TLC is now facing several financial difficulties with more than $8 million in debt and is under the protection of a court monitor.  TLC has expressed its intent to sell the property so that private interests can operate on and profit from the forest, contrary to the intent of the original owner, Merv Wilkinson, and to ecoforestry principles.  EIS manages Wildwood according to ecoforestry principles, meaning that trees and other products are harvested in a sustainable manner that preserves the integrity and diversity of the forest.  EIS has already raised $600,000 in cash and creditor debt forgiveness, but needs the remaining $300,000 to ensure Wildwood remains in public hands for now and generations to come.


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